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Name Correction - Premium Report

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Report Description: 23 Pages of Complete Numerology report in PDF format. Name correction done by Sheelaa M Bajaj. Report delivered to your email.

In this report, you will get your personal numerology report including birth number & life path report and name analysis along with a name correction suggestion (if applicable).

Why does Your Name Might Need a Correction?

It all starts with an understanding of which planets are associated with your NAME and Date of Birth. If you have troublesome planets associated with your name numbers, you will notice that your best efforts are not yielding the expected results and you are living a mediocre life even though you are giving your best to make things right.

Also, it's your name that people recognize you with, not the date of birth. Hence the vibration in your name surpasses the vibration the date of birth. Hence aligning or correcting your name is the KEY to attract the right planetary energy by associating the strong planets with your name and negate the ill effects that are existing in your name.

Look at the Super Successful Examples That Have Corrected Their Names

If you carefully look around, you would very well notice that big brands, celebrities, individuals, politicians, businesses and many others who have turned to numerologists and fixed their planetary issues by changing the names. They have never looked back since then and keep enjoying stupendous success in life, business.

Your Name will be Corrected by Sheelaa M Bajaj - The Best Numerologist in Asia

Note that these premium email reports are more detailed, cover actionable advice and are done by Sheelaa M Bajaj who has helped millions of people around the world and recently been awarded as the Best Numerologist in Asia. 

Note: We need your date of birth and full name for preparing numerology report. Please check your order confirmation email and it contains a link to submit your date of birth and full name. Kindly fill that form.


How Your Report is Delivered?

Your personal report of birth number & Life path number will be delivered to the email you used to buy this report. It will also consist of suggestions for a correct name that's harmonious according to numerology.

How long it takes to get your report?

you should be receiving your report usually within 4-5 days of purchase.

What Information Do We need from You?

Since our calculation is based on your date of birth and name, we need those details to be provided by you. Don't worry, we will send you a link immediately after your purchase so that you can quickly enter your personal details. It takes less than 5 minutes.

How to Activate Your New Name?

Instructions would be sent in the report. You might consider buying BMR Salt and Bay Leaf Ritual Kit which would be needed for activating your new name.

Refund Policy: No refunds possible on this report.